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Jade and Sterling Silver Round Ring

Jade and Sterling Silver Round Ring

Jade and Sterling Silver Round Ring Features:

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Jade and Sterling Silver Round Ring Description:

Nephrite Jade is usually whitish cream to green coloured. It is often used for sculptures and carvings and has proven to be a very significant stone. China has been using the stone for a very long time. It is a variety of Actinolite and is extremely unique and unlike any other type (eg. Seraphinite).It is a fibrous amphibole mineral (it is a mineral that consists of the silicates of calcium, iron, magnesium, sodium and aluminium in the form of slender dark crystals). It is an exceptionally strong stone. So strong it is in fact stronger than steel. It has been used in the past as axes and other weapons.Nephrite Jade has historically been believed to help with kidney disorders.The other type of Jade is called Jadeite. The two can be very difficult to differentiate.

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